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LANDI AECR C10 enabling Singapore Laneway Festival


Laneway Festival is a serial music festival that involves several different countries, during which bands of different line-up come to such locations as Singapore, Melbourne, and Sidney to provide a unique experience for the audience.

On January 27, St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival was held in the Lion City—Singapore. On the scene, the exciting music feast was accompanied with tantalizing food: barbeque, Suchi and ice cream so that even taste bud came to rock with the rhythm. LANDI AECR C10 smart cashier terminals were lined up on the site of music festival to provide efficient check-out service for the participants.

The integrated and thin AECR C10 smart cashier terminal, provided with ultra-large host and guest screens, Qualcomm Snapdragon octa-core CPU, supports top speed printing. It also supports Dual-Channel sound output to achieve simultaneous playing of music and advertisement. The HIFI subwoofer has a perfectly matching sound effect with the music festival.

AECR C10 is an epoch-making and innovating smart cashier product, which passed already the payment-related tests organized by top six credit card organizations in the world and won corresponding certificates. It is now the first smart cashier that can be used “around the world” for financial purposes.

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