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LANDI Develops Smart Cashier Terminal in Cooperation with Qualcomm


Recently, LANDI Commercial Equipment Co., Ltd. (referred to as LANDI) – China’s leading electronic payment company – officially launched AECR C10, its initial smart cashier terminal.

AECR C10 achieved the perfect combination of traditional cashier, financial POS, audio device, and printers, and initially realized the function of directly swiping bank card on electronic cash registers (ECR for short). that for the first time the cash register body can be directly brush bank card. In close collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies, LANDI achieved the combination of processing power, security, and near-real-time online connectivity with the Qualcomm Snapdragon TM625 processor powered by the AECR C10. LANDI was the first company to use Snapdragon 625 for developing smart cash register products.

At present, AECR C10 has been docked with nearly 30 mainstream ERP systems in the market, and truly helped merchants in operation and management in the“smart cash register + cloud ERP”form.


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